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View topic - Anybody attends any school preparing to 2級?

Anybody attends any school preparing to 2級?

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Anybody attends any school preparing to 2級?

Postby relax kuma » Mon 05.07.2007 12:03 am

Hi, everyone ;)
I`m also going to try take 2級 this year. I started in February, but still there`s no any visible progress. Maybe I`m too pessimistic, and lazy, but I began to think if there is any sense in attending some intensive courses at some japanese language school?? Has anybody an expierence in this area? Does it worth those money these schools announce? Or this is a just waste of time??
relax kuma
relax kuma
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RE: Anybody attends any school preparing to 2級?

Postby Matsumoto_hideto » Wed 06.06.2007 2:04 am

did you start studying Japanese in February?
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RE: Anybody attends any school preparing to 2級?

Postby youtin » Sat 07.07.2007 4:37 am

It depends largely on your own efforts and the curriculum your Japanese language school has. Is it targeted specifically for Level 2? Or is it just endless conversation classes? Conversation classes are good, but for the most part I think they can only help you up to Level 3.

Any proper course for preparing for Level 2 should include mock tests (usually from previous years' exams). From the results of the mock tests, you'll know what you'll have to concentrate on studying, as well as have a feel of what the actual test is like.

Btw, I attended courses specifically for JLPT before and it was great. Our teacher knew exactly what to teach for us to pass the exam.
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RE: Anybody attends any school preparing to 2級?

Postby inamorata » Sat 07.07.2007 6:46 am

yeah it is better to follow a tutorial if you are serious i mean B) and if not i think it is difficult for anyone to pass nikkyuu
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