first anime you have watched

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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by night_knight » Fri 04.27.2007 7:18 am


and probably voltes5. lol [i dunno the spelling. kinda forgot]

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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by paulrowe » Thu 05.31.2007 10:49 am

Wow, I didn't realize my introduction was so unusual. Only bombush claimed the same. My first exposure to anime was watching Shampoo chasing Ranma across the wall with Soun saying, "As a boy, she wants him; as a girl, she wants him dead." That was a classic introduction and Ranma has ever had a special place for me.

I know I saw another anime before that, but I couldn't remember the name to save my life. I think it was a film, I think "Saturn" was part of the name, and it involved a crew of women in a spaceship. All but one or two of the women died during the movie.

Also, I was having serious deja-vu when I watched 天空の城ラプタ the first time, as if I had seen it before, too.

Regardless, Ranma 1/2 was the first anime that I saw, realizing that it was anime, and it got me hooked.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by animegurl2008 » Wed 06.06.2007 10:46 am

Ruroni Kenshin but i got hooked on alot of them once that came off the air

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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by Kashin » Wed 06.06.2007 2:20 pm

I guess the first I watched was Pokemon, when I was in fourth grade. I still love pokemon. I'm playing Diamond right now! But I would wake up every morning at six o'clock or earlier to watch pokemon before school. I rarely missed an episode.

The first 'serious' anime that I ever watched would have to be Trigun on Adult Swim. I instantly fell in love with that show, then right after that Inuyasha came on, and I've been hooked on Anime ever since.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by stunningblue06 » Mon 06.11.2007 10:45 pm

mine's sailormoon ithink. though i believe i was also watching dragon ball z at that time. :)

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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by shiohigari » Tue 06.12.2007 12:10 am

I've never watched Anime. Perhaps I am the first person on this forum never to have seen one?! Poor deprived me!! :(

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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by hopu-chan » Tue 06.12.2007 1:19 am

it has to be sailor moon...its awesome...i watched all 200 episodes :D
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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by OverLyn » Tue 06.12.2007 9:12 am

The first anime I watched was cardcaptors sakura... :D

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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by kitkat583 » Tue 06.12.2007 12:03 pm

Mine was Pokemon, then Sailormoon, then Yu Yu Hakusho. :D

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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by Miyu-rin » Tue 06.12.2007 1:30 pm

Meh, Sailor Moon. xD

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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by Obsessed_Saru » Thu 06.14.2007 7:40 pm

Yu Yu Hakusho seems to be a popular first anime...I didn't even know that it existed untill last year. (That was the year I met my friend who is constantly talking about it...she loves the heck is that spelled?) :D
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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by lame_duck » Thu 06.14.2007 8:53 pm


I saw it back in... umm... 91 I think it was. Whenever the first VHS tapes of it started coming out. Anyway, me and my friend got our hands on it thanks to his brother taking a trip to NC and picking it up. It think it's what got me interested in Japan and it's culture, which wasn't highly looked upon back then. I'm guessing it was due to war and everything, but that didn't stop us from wanting to learn more. XD
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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by Krysta » Sun 08.05.2007 3:39 pm

I saw Dragonball Z and Pokemon and such on tv, but I don't really count that because they where dubbed. I dont like my anime dubbed.
So then after those, the first would be Fullmetal Alchemist, wich was great.
After that Azumanga Daioh and School rumble. All three way better than Dragonball z and Pokemon IMHO.
I've avoided watching Yugioh and whatever the name of those other anime was on tv.

Also I tend to like anime better when there's real Japanese culture in it. Like culture fest in schools and golden week and the outfits they wear.
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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by LandUnderWave » Sun 09.02.2007 8:34 pm

I saw an episode of Sailor Moon when I was about six, I think. :D

The first anime I really watched was DNAngel. I saw an amv on YouTube with a song I liked, and I thought Dark looked interesting. One of the comments mentioned the name of the anime and that it could also be found on Youtube, and I was hooked after that. :D (Never did watch the ending though, since my favorite character disappeared.) DNAngel was also the first manga I read, I managed to find some of it at our local library. Didn't like it as much as the anime, but then I started reading everything else they had... and last month I bought seven manga volumes online for $42. And am in love with a scanlations website. (, should anyone want to know)
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RE: first anime you have watched

Post by CelticNinja » Sun 09.02.2007 11:50 pm

lol. A yes The memories

Pokemon, Cardcaptors (cardcaptor sakura) dragonballz, yougioh and sailor moon, are th eones I'd have to say were my first ones.

Im pretty sure pokemon and cardcaptors were the very first.

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