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Rhymes With Orange
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Post by Rhymes With Orange » Tue 04.20.2010 2:30 pm

hi everyone!
i started learning Japanese about 2 years ago and it's been pretty slow progress.
i love what little Japanese culture i know and wish to go there some day soon. i think i'm pretty good at pronounsing it but can only guess at most of the hiragana characters i see :sweatdrop: . so anyway, i hope to learn more and more about that awsome crescent Country each time i'm here!

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Re: hello

Post by tydin » Tue 04.20.2010 4:40 pm

Hello! I'm sure you will start making more progress if you try. Set goals everyday and work towards them. Tips for hiragana: transcribe romanji song lyrics into hiragana, use flash cards, and drop romaji!

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