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Post by JomarieV » Tue 01.24.2006 3:21 am

Hello Everyone

My name is Joanne and its my pleasure to be learning Japanese again!!

Though im a newbie, i learned Japanese a few years ago, for 3 years but found that i had to stop :( because they did not offer the subject in year 11 and 12. Now fast forward 4 years ahead and here Iam..honoured to be learning Japanese again. Im looking forward to relearn and expand my current knowledge of the the kool Japanese language. Currently i can read some Japanese Hiragana and Katakana...lol my problem is that i sometimes i don't know the meaning :|

I love Anime and reading Manga ...its too addictive:D oh and not to forget Japanese sweets (ooishi desu ne:))... Im also a big Japanese Horror fan (to many sleepless night watching Sadako come out of that well , :o).
Well i hope to find some support in here :)... and i will try my best to learn well (thumbs up re assuringly) and maybe one day speak fluent Japanese and most importantly understand it.

Well its nice to meet u all


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RE: Hi!!

Post by SaigoNoBan » Tue 01.24.2006 3:40 am



私も日本語が人生の情熱と思いますよ (I too think that Japanese is the passion of a lifetime)
とうとう戻ってきました!^_^ お待たせしました

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RE: Hi!!

Post by amego » Tue 01.24.2006 4:50 am

はじめまして どうぞよろしくお願いします TJPにようこそ!  

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