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Chapter Four: Vocabulary



Run through these a few times until you can recognize them in the dialog

何を しています か? nani o shite imasu ka? - what are you doing? | this is a good sentence to memorize.
nani - what | same as nan || first studied in chapter 2
shite imasu - is doing | usually makes verbs into ING verbs - Usage will be covered later
ともだちに tomodachi ni - to a friend | tomodachi (friend) is also good to know
はなして います hanashite imasu - speaking, talking
だれ? dare? - who? | another important question word
たべもの tabemono - food | do you remember nomimono? drink - mono means "thing" so 'a thing to eat'
ほんとう? hontou? - really? Are you sure? Are you kidding? | This is probably one of the top 10 most useful Japanese words!
はなしません。 hanashimasen - not speak, not talk - whenever you see the masen it is always negative

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Jeison Tonpuson's picture

Yes, I would love to see

Yes, I would love to see another video besides the first chapter's.
They are hilarious!

[Jathon Jet]


those conversations are funny... and the explanations and the vocabulary and the quizes and everything are really good and it's very useful!!! thank you, whoever you are! you help me a lot!!!

clay's picture

Thanks! One day--hopefully


One day--hopefully soon--I will get back to the Frank lessons. :)

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