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Chapter One: Dialog

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The Meeting - Frank Japanese Lesson

(We apologize for the quality of this recording. It was of course a miracle the historic Frank and Obaasan first meeting was recorded at all!)

The Meeting

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[OBAASAN] こんにちは! だいじょうぶ です か?
konnichi wa! daijoubu desu ka?
[FRANK] え?
[OBAASAN] だいじょうぶ?
[FRANK] ええと・・・。はい、だいじょうぶ です。
eeto... hai, daijoubu desu.
[OBAASAN] わたしは 「おばあさん」 です。 あなたは?
watashi wa "Obaasan" desu. Anata wa?
[FRANK] わたしは フランク です。
watashi wa furanku desu.
[OBAASAN] フランクさん、 はじめまして。
furanku san, hajimemashite.
[FRANK] はじめまして、 おばあさん。
hajimemashite , obaasan.
[OBAASAN] だいじょうぶ です か? だいじょうぶ?
daijoubu desu ka? daijoubu?



Obaasan - Hello! Are you alright?
Frank - Huh?
Obaasan - Are you OK?
Frank - Well... Yes, I'm OK.
Obaasan - I am "Obaasan." And you?
Frank - I am Frank.
Obaasan - Mr. Frank, It's nice to meet you.
Frank - Nice to meet you, Obaasan.


Obaasan - Are you alright? OK?


If you would like extra greetings practice, please listen and repeat with the speaker. This audio lesson will also be on the last review page for Chapter one (in case you've had enough for now!)

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