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The Kotoba Zamurai Archives
Kotoba Zamurai - Fun Japanese language lessons

'Kotoba zamurai' articles are written to be 'a non-systematic approach to learning unusual, but useful words.' While these not-so-serious articles are written with the upper-beginner to intermediate in mind, even beginners should be able to get something out of them. If not, I may have wasted 15 minutes of your life... I will leave it up to you to take the chance.
Fun How to Wow Words in Japanese
How to Wow - Fun Japanese words with examples

Some words are just more fun than others. This area of TJP may empower your vocabulary with less than useful example sentences. Dozens of fun words in nine fun categories.
Interactive Web Quizzes for learning Japanese

Various Quizzes on beginner level Japanese

Various other articles:

Title Teaser
油を売る Sell Oil (slang: goof off when you should be working)

lit: sell oil (slang: goof off when you should be working)
Strong (Iron) Man 無敵の鉄人ボブは夏の小雨で錆びた。
muteki no tetsujin bobu wa, natsu no kosame de sabita.
Bob, the invincible Iron Man rusted in a light summer sprinkle.
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Phreadom's Anki Tips Tips for using Anki by Phreadom. More...
Volume 8: Two by Two, Here We Go! Kotoba Zamurai
Volume 8: Counting two by two--with an Octopus! More...
目に入れても痛くない So Cute!
目に入れても痛くない Even if it pokes me in the eye, it wont hurt (it is VERY cute!) MORE...
闇討ち Attack in the Dead of Night
闇討ち attack in the dead of night

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愛の告白 Confession of Love
愛の告白 Confession of Love
Using the Nintendo DS to Study Japanese

Nintendo DS as a Japanese Language learning tool

Adding Furigana to Your Microsoft Word Document

Most people have no trouble getting their computer to type Japanese (if you need help with setting up the IME, see our Wagawiki here), but adding furigana (small hiragana over kanji) for documents and PDFs can be a little harder.

This page will discuss how to add furigana in Microsoft Word 2007. Earlier versions of Word also have this feature and the setup may be similar as below. For those without Word, I believe Open Office either has this feature out of the box or as a plugin.

太鼓腹 Taiko Belly
Taiko (Japanese drums) Belly
ほら吹き Blowing a Shell or Tell a Lie
Blowing a Shell or Tell a Lie
百年の恋も冷める Even a 100 year old Love can turn Cold
Even a 100 year old love can turn cold
気取る Put on Airs
put on airs, conceited, styling, all the frills!
時代に取り残される Left behind the Times
Left behind the Times
土下座 Prostrating Oneself
kneeling down to the ground, prostrating oneself
ふられる Rejected, Give the Cold Shoulder
rejected, to give the cold shoulder
たわごと Talk Nonsense
Talk Nonsense
男らしい Manly
manly, like a man, masculine
夢中 Lost in thought, in a daze, ecstasy
Lost in thought, in a daze, ecstasy
降参 Surrender

逆襲 Counter-attack

追放 Banishment

身元確認 ID Check

ID check
致命的 Fatal

百年目 The End

The End
殴り込む Raid

最高機密 Top Secret

top secret
手掛かり Clue

忍者走り Running Ninja-style

running ninja-style

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