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Common Questions at Elementary Schools

Today let's discuss how to answer common questions by elementary kids.  I had many elementary schools that I went to every week while in Japan.  I loved it for many reasons: the kids, the coffee, and the chance to brush up on my answers to the same questions asked over and over again.  (I really did like the coffee) For the benefit of the future elementary school goer, I'll attempt to list the most common questions with the most correct answers.  Let's have a look:  

The Top 9 Questions:
(sorry I am too lazy to think of 10.)  

#1. How old are you? Now, this has two correct answers, 天才 ten sai (genius) and うるさい urusai (loud, rudely noisy).  Of course while answering, you should emphasize the  さい sai part.  さい sai also means ~ years old . Another good one is - くさい kusai (smelly)

#2. How old is your brothers' best friend's dog? I admit this is a rarity and probably should not be included in this survey, but for the answer along with all age related questions see #1

#3. Where do you live? This opens the playing field, if you know what I mean.  Among the common answers are, 宇宙 uchuu outer space , 北極 hokkyoku The North Pole and ぼくは遊牧民です。 boku wa yuubokumin desu. I am a nomad.

#4. How are you? おげんき ですか? ogenki desu ka? Being as that げんき (genki, energy) and べんぴ benpi (constipation) sound similar, you, as a gaijin-who-doesn't-know-better, can have fun.  
Answer choices are: 1. (pretend you heard べんぴ benpi and say in a surprised voice " べんぴ !?!" (constipated?!?)
2.   はい、べんぴです。 あなたは? hai, benpi desu. anata wa? (yes, I am constipated, and you?)  
3. with a kind of hazukashii voice admit that you are べんぴ benpi and go on to explain in detail last nights curry.  You can also take the offense with the useful question, " おべんぴですか? "  o benpi desu ka?<