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Top 10 words needed when talking to a Japanese elementary school student!

I taught English at 10 Japanese elementary schools & loved it!  Not only was it
a rewarding time spent with children, it was also very educational.  I am
convinced one of the best ways to learn interesting Japanese is to teach
English to children!  Some of the words here are not too useful outside Elementary
school, but I'm sure if you are creative you won't have too many problems
finding a way.

Eiji and Shintaro are posed and ready for a series of Janken
matches which may lead to the World Series!  [ see #5 below ]


Not really a Japanese word, but if you don't know about these guys, there isn't much hope for you to understand the student's conversation (on any subject!)  It does illustrate 'katakana English.' Combine 'pocket' with 'monster' and naturally we get 'pokemon.'

Other examples include カラオケ karaoke (KARA (which is Japanese meaning 'empty' - 空 ) OKE (from orchestra), and パ・#92;コン pasokon (PERSOnal COMputer)

 We will leave it at that and move on:

#9... ミミズ MIMIZU (worm) & いのしし INOSHISHI (wild boar)

These are fun words to interject when teaching the 'I like...' form. Get the kids to repeat after you, "I like a CAT" (KIDS: I like a cat), "I like a DOG" (KIDS: I like a dog), "I like MIMIZU" (KIDS: I like MIM... YADA SENSEI!)  It's fun

#8... 鼻水 HANAMIZU (runny nose) & 花水木 HANAMIZU KI (Dogwood Tree)

I must apologize for this one:  Sorry.  If you ever get asked, "What tree do you like?" A very handy answer is, "HANAMIZU (a short pause) KI DESU"  It's great fun

#7... 鼻毛 HANA GE (nose hair) & 耳毛 MIMI GE (ear hair)

When teaching body parts, Simon Says is a great game.  "Simon says, 'Touc