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Can II たべられます、よめます

Can II たべられます、よめます

Potential form of Verbs.

Before starting this lesson, you may want to review the groups of the verbs.

Construction: The ~u Group (group 1 verbs)
arrow Verb Root + eru

書く kaku to write arrow kak (verb root) arrowkakeru able to write

kanji ga kakemasu ka?
Can you write kanji?

[NOTE: use が with the potential form]

Construction: The ~ru Group (group 2 verbs)
arrow Verb Root + rareru

食べる taberu to eat arrow tabe (verb root) arrow taberareru able to eat

pi-man ga taberaremasu ka?
Can you eat green peppers?

Construction: The irregular Group (group 3 verbs)
arrow The two irregular verbs should be memorized:

くる arrow こられる
する arrow できる

pa-ti ni koraremasu ka?.
Can you come to the party?

NOTE: You can also easy do this with any Simple Past Verb + ことができる More...

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