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The power "そう"

そう, for our purposes today, means, "That's right" or "That's so" (the latter being an easy way to remember)

arrow This useful word is used in various idiomatic ways. It is best to learn each as an example by heart.

sou desu
Yes, that is right.

sou desu ka?
Is that so?; Really?; You don't say?

sou ieba
Now that you mention it; Speaking of that...

sou kangaeru to
Seen from that light; Thinking like that; From that point of view

sou shitara
If you do it that way...; if done that way...

sou shinai to
If you don't do it that way...

And there are many more you will come across! Listen to how そう is used in conversation.

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I did it again and posted a new comment that was supposed to be a reply to 'In chapter 5 lesson 2 there'...

Does it matter?

They aren't entered in the same entry in the dictionaries I have - in fact, the suffix そう isn't in the dictionary that I can find, perhaps it's apparently considered 'grammar' and not a 'word'. Then again, there are dozens of words pronounced そう.

Anyway, while there's a similar enough meaning that they may have been related in the past, they aren't thought of us the same word now. Whether they are 'really' one word or two meanings of the same word doesn't really matter.

The three common uses of そう though are the one in this entry, the 'it appears' suffix use and the 'I've heard' suffix use. They're all pretty distinct from each other in meaning.

In chapter 5 lesson 2 there

In chapter 5 lesson 2 there is そう which refers to "I've heard". Is that different from the one given here?

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