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Should/Must はず

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You should know はず. It is easy and useful, therefore you have no excuse :)

Hazu shows an expectation that something should happen. In other words, you are pretty sure something is true. Let`s see how it works...

To add はず to any adjective just add it...

sono kaban wa, takai hazu desu.
That bag must be expensive.
[It is expected to be expensive]

Just add it to the simple form of any verb

anata wa, gojira o shitteiru hazu desu.
You should/must know Godzilla.

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So if です is in the sentence,

So if です is in the sentence, would はず always go right before that? And if so, what if です isn't in the sentence? Would it go at the end?

です & はず

the two are not vital to one another, really, considering that です isn't always necessary; when it isn't added,はず always goes after the adjective or verb regardless of the presence of です.

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