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How... どう

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Here is a very useful question word -- どう dou -- Let's look at ways of using dou.

どう です か? dou desu ka?  How is (it)? [Use this for asking about food, or anything that is being done now]

どう でした か? dou deshita ka? How was (it)? [Use this to find out about past experiences - movie, last night's date, molded pizza you just ate...]


どうやって? dou yatte? How do you do it? [Ask this when you are not sure how to do something] 

どう しました か? dou shimashita ka? What happened? [Ask this if someone looks sad or something has happened]

どうしよう dou shiyou What shall (I or we) do? [This is often used when you can't make a decision and want help... doushiyou, ne!]

どう する の?dou suru no? What will you do? [When you want to encourage someone to make a decision -- Well, what will you do?]

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Dou desu ka?

Lets say you are with your Japanese friend in a restaurant or you have invited her to try
your recipe. After taking the first bite you may ask "Dou desu ka" - Present tense.
For Past tense will be "Dou deshita ka"

anata wa dou desu ka ?...am i

anata wa dou desu ka ?...am i right if i want to say "how are you?"

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€

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Not quite

Not quite. It depends on what was said right before. If "genki desu ka?" (are you energetic/happy) was asked before hand, and you said "genki desu, anata wa dou desu ka?" Then you're right.

But in general terms, that phrase means "How about you."

So if someone asked if you're busy on saturday, and you said no, then replying with "anata wa dou desu ka" would mean "how about you, are you busy on saturday?)


thanks for correcting ...but then how do i say "how are you ?" in general terms..

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€

how are you?

You simply ask "Ogenki desu ka" - How are you?
Or you may say "Dou shiteru" which will mean - How's everything?


Thank you!

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€

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