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9. Pronouns

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Pronouns are not used nearly as much in Japanese as they are in English. Often the pronoun is used once and then after (until the topic shifts to someone else) the pronoun is dropped. Still they are very important!

  • Learn watashi and anata well
  • tachi and ra are endings that indicate plurality! Easy! :)
Singular Plural
  • I - わたし watashi
  • WE - わたしたち watashi tachi
  • YOU - あなた anata
  • YOU - あなたたち anata tachi
  • HE - かれ kare
  • THEY - かれら kare ra
  • SHE - かのじょ kanojo
IT - IT isn't used but in ITs place sore (that) is often used -- Don't worry! Remember to breath!
  • Another meaning of kare (he) is actually "boyfriend" and kanojo is "girlfriend"!

When the meaning is obvious, the pronoun is usually dropped. Both of the following is clear in meaning:


  • watashi wa amerika kara kimashita.
  • I came from America.


  • amerika kara kimashita.
  • (I) came from America.

See the "I, Me, You, Thou..." guide for more on pronouns.

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