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7. Possessive "s" - の

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This is another nice thing about Japanese.

To show relationship or possession between two things just put a の (no) between them. The trick is knowing (erm... のing) which goes to the left of the no and which goes to the right...

Think of の as a 's (apostrophe S)

わたし ねこ

  • watashi no neko
  • My cat [I's cat]


  • nihon no kuruma
  • Japanese car [Japan's car]

ねこ おもちゃ

  • neko no omocha
  • Cat's toy
Also think of...
  • わたしの watashino as "my"
  • あなたの anatano as "your"

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車の緑 = "Green of (a) car",

車の緑 = "Green of (a) car", here の indicates possessive.

Sometimes の can be used with some particular nouns to make them adjectives :
赤のくるま (Aono Kuruma)→ Blue Car
青の祓魔師 (Aono Butsumashi) → Blue Exorcist
緑の空 (Midorino Sora) → Green Sky
紫の人形 (Murasakino Ningyou) → Purple Doll

However it's always better to use the correct adjectives forms, And not confuse with the possessive の、 for example :
雪の白色 (Yukino hakushoku) → White color of snow
車は青い!(Kurumawa aoi) → The car is blue
黄色な太陽 (Kiirona Taiyou) → Yellow sun

PS: Maybe I'm not correct with all the examples I gave, no-adjectives are special, it's not a priority to know how to use them if you're beginning. You should concentrate on "no" as the possessive for the moment, as later you'll see it's a pretty useful tool and not only as a "possessive" particle.

colors using の

I knew i've read something like...
you can't put {no} to some colors?
shiro {no} yuki
kuruma {no} midori
can you explain that? still confusing to me..