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Can't, not allowed いけません/いけない

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This is how to say something is forbidden to do. Perhaps easiest way to us this is to stick it after the て form of a verb and は (wa - topic particle).

shiranai hito to hanashite wa ikemasen.

Don't speak to strangers.

Often in casual speech, the ては becomes ちゃ (or じゃ) as in:

sono eiga o micha ikemasen yo.
You are not allowed to watch this movie - or You shouldn't watch this movie.

You can also use だめ for a similar effect: 私の本を読んじゃだめ。watashi no hon o yonja dame. You can't read my book!

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Hi there,

Sorry but I'm a little confused as to the function of と in the first example 知らない人話していけません。 If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it!

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と as "with"

と can mean a lot of things. Here you can think of it as meaning "with." Don't speak with strangers.

あの人と結婚したくない。 ano hito to kekkon shitakunai.
I don't want to get married with that person. (awkward English, but it brings out the "with")

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