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I'll Have... にします

To decide to have... にします

Very often this phrase is used to say, "I'll have (some food or drink)." Next time you go to a Japanese restaurant, give this a try.

nani ni shimasu ka?
What will you have?

watashi wa tenpura ni shimasu
I'll have

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future tense?

So should I consider it being future tense, i.e. the person is implying to have something in near future, Actually I have come across many instances where it is said that Japanese doesn't have a defined future tense


It's called usually the 'non-past' tense, and it tends to be the 'present' tense for verbs that describe a state (like ある, 'to be'), it tends to be the 'future' tense for active verbs (like する, 'to do').
今夜、勉強する (I'll study tonight)
本は机の上にある (The book is on the desk)

今、勉強している (I'm studying right now)
(you can't use the auxiliary いる on ある or other stative verbs)

夕べ、勉強した (I studied last night)
本は机の上にあった (The book was on the desk)

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