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That それ・その

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This and that. Now we are on the THAT part.  So this THAT refers to objects near the listener (not the speaker)

それ sore - when "that" is not connected to a noun

それ は 何 です か?
sore wa nan desu ka?
What is that?

それ は ねこ です。
sore wa neko desu.
That is a cat.

Begin to think of the words starting with K's as "this" and the S's as "that" words  

その sono - When you put "that" before a noun, it changes to sono

その ねこ は ポチ です か?
sono neko wa pochi desu ka?
Is that cat, Pochi?.

いいえ。 その たこ は ポチ です。
iie sono tako wa pochi desu.
No. That octopus is Pochi.

This is used in the same way as kono

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Difference ?

Well, here I have some problems and this is maybe because of my French. I have difficulties to see the difference between This and That uses.

For example :
これ は 何 です か?
kore wa nan desu ka?
What is this?

それ は 何 です か?
sore wa nan desu ka?
What is that?

When I translate to French both mean : "Qu'est-ce que c'est ?" - What's that/this ? ("C'est" = That/this is). So' I'm worrying about conditions to use これ / それ. If it depends on the closeness of an object, how does this work ?

Can somebody please help me ? :(

PS : In French we also have the "Qu'est-ce que c'est que cela/ça ?" which precisly means "What's that ?" and not "What's this ?" ("ça/cela" = that, "ce/ceci" = this). I'm wondering if this isn't the right translation.



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I think you've got it.

I think you've got it. Use "kore" for speaking about objects near the speaker. "sore" and "are" are away from the speaker.

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Thank you very much !

ありがとうございます クレイさま。 :D
This is really helpful !

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