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That over there あれ・あの

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This and that. Now we are on the THAT OVER THERE part.  So this THAT refers to objects not near the listener or the speaker.

あれ are - when "that" is not connected to a noun

あれ は 何 です か?
are wa nan desu ka?
What is that over there?

あれ は ねこ です。
are wa neko desu.
That over there is a cat.

And now recognize A's mean That over there    


あの ano - When you put "that" before a noun, it changes to ano

あの ねこ は ポチ です か?
ano neko wa pochi desu ka?
Is that cat over there, Pochi?.

いいえ。 あの くじら は ポチ です。
iie ano kujira wa pochi desu.
No. That whale over there is Pochi.

Again they ALL are used in the same way.

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Can't "Ano" also be used as "Um"? (I wanted to ask this in the lesson about "Eeto", but I can't post comments in it.)

I've heard people use "Ano" like that before.

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Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the comment! That is a different "ano" and is often pronounced longer like あのう. It is most often used as a polite way to get people's attention before speaking.

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