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This これ・この

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This and that. Actually Japanese also has one more.  They also have "that over there" - but we will get at that later.

There are 2 words in Japanese that are translated as "this" in English:

これ kore - When "this" is not connected to a noun - hang on you will get it in a minute

これ は 何 です か?
kore wa nan desu ka?
What is this?

これ は ねこ です。
kore wa neko desu.
This is a cat.

To say "This is" or "is this" the kore will probably be followed by a

この kono - When you put "this" before a noun, it changes to kono

この ねこ は ポチ です か?
kono neko wa pochi desu ka?
Is this cat, Pochi?.

いいえ。 この 犬 は ポチ です。
iie kono inu wa pochi desu.
No. This dog is Pochi.

It may seem strange at first, but after a while This and That become second nature!

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I suggest

Don't be so tedious with the grammar.. Japanese uses different types of the way they use their language, especially for man and woman, old and young, and depends on who you talk with.. seriously, all you have to do is just to watch japanese movies, and be familiar on how they use their language. じゃ、みんなさん!がんばってね!

ScribeOrigins, MKD 「先生のことが」

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ah that was nice!


ScribeOrigins, MKD 「先生のことが」

Article title.

Isn't 'that' 「それ」, as in 'this', 'that' and 'that-over-there' are 「これ」, 「それ」, and「あれ」, respectively? :justnoticed:

Pages out of order?

I came to this page from the "that over there" page -- the link to "this" was at the bottom right as the next page. These pages seem to currently be in "That, That over there, this" order, when you'd probably like them to be "That, this, that over there."

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The list is different from

The list is different from the main grammar page. When I saved these pages the software put them in alphabetical order. One day, I'll go back and fix that, but the left and right links should be accurate.

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