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To like... が すき

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It is easy to like something and to say it!  Just add ga suki after the object that you like:

ねこ が すき です。
neko ga suki desu.
I like cats.
[note: Nouns don't change in number (no s) so it could mean "a cat".  Also note the desu if dropped makes the sentence more casual - "neko ga suki."]


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or as favourite

大すき (daisuki) if i'm not mistaken is also commonly used for the word "favorite".

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Can anyone explain to me how だいすき(I like you) is formed? Thank you so much :)

Hard work pays off..

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大(だい) is used here to mean

大(だい) is used here to mean "large", "big", "great" etc... so you're basically saying "big like"... or put more naturally "like a lot". ^_^

大好き = だいすき = dai (great amount) + suki (to like)

I hope that explains it well enough? :)


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