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Very とても

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Sometimes mom's cooking isn't just oishii (delicious) it is VERY OISHII!

Add とても totemo before adjectives to say "very"

とても おいしい です。
totemo oishii desu.
It's very delicious!

とても 大きな木。
totemo ookina ki.
A very big tree.

OTHER VERY WORDS: You can ignore this if you like...

非常に hijou ni
chou (kind of slang - chou means "super-")

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FWIW I've also seen/heard とっても ("tottemo") for extra emphasis. I use 超 "chou" all the time, and it usually makes my teachers giggle. One of my teachers says "hijou ni" 非常に ("remarkably"/"unusually"/"exceptionally") pretty often, and that makes me chuckle because it also has a sense of "emergency"—as in, I've written a line of kana so well that we'd better call an ambulance. (笑) :-D "Taihen" 大変 is similar—it always suggests to me some kind of unusual burden, so it's fun to use it with a compliment. I also use "sugoku/sungoku" ("astonishingly"?), hidoku ("horrifically"), mattaku, and a few others, just for fun. 私は大変カッコイイと思いませんか。 But "totemo" seems the most common.

But I'm a beginner. Hope that helps a bit. Good luck!


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Can we say...?

can we say " Watashi wa totemo kirei desu"?

Yes, you can...

You can certainly say 私はとてもきれいです and be grammatically correct, though people might think you're a bit arrogant to be complimenting yourself if you did!

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