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These 2 particles は wa & が ga both do what in English is the subject, but は wa is greater in scope than が ga

wa - the main topic particle of the conversation

ga - the subject particle of the sentence

わたし クレイ です。
watashi wa kurei desu.
I am Clay.
[Clay is the topic and now this is known, it won't be repeated unless the topic changes]

ねこ すき です。
neko ga suki desu.
(I) like cats.  
["cats" are actually the 'subject' here.  Maybe this is easier to see "Cats are liked (by me).  Note you could say "watashi wa neko ga suki desu." but it is unnecessary because we have already said "watashi wa" (The overall topic is already known)]

if both are in a sentence, the wa is first


the wa is written with a hiragana ha but pronounced as wa


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Is this correct?

Are you disappointed at me?
anata wa watashi ga gakkarishiteimasu ka

Is this correct?

I am angry with you
watashi wa anata ga okotteimasu

Ah, so は is the subject for

Ah, so は is the subject for the conversation, and が for the sentence. That makes it a lot easier for me. XD

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