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ba ai
Meaning: condition, in the case of...
JLPT Level: 3

hijou no baai, kono botan o oshite kudasai.
emergency-'s-condition-this-button-(direct object)-push-please.
In case of emergency, press this button.

okane ga nai baai wa arubaito shite kudasai.
money-(subject marker)-not-case-(topic marker)-part time job-please do.
If you don't have money, then get a job!


About something that may happen in the future

1) Noun + の + 場合
2) Verb (simple form) + 場合

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Correcting the translation

The word アルバイト must be translated: part-time-job. Not job, because job is 仕事 (shigoto)

Boku wa nihongo ga dai suki desu yo !!

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