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Meaning: 1) truly, really, very much 2) I'm not sure
JLPT Level: 3

doumo arigatou gozaimasu.
very much-thanks-(polite)
Thank you very much.

uchi no ko ga osewa ni natta sou de, doumo sumimasen.
within-(possessive)-child-(subject marker)-aid-became-appears to have-very-sorry
I want to thank you for troubling to help our child.

Notes: The speaker probably didn't realize person had helped his child while he was helping.
Example of usage #1

doumo wakarimasen node, mou ichi do itte kudasai.
not sure-not understand-therefore-more-one-time-speak-please
I simply can't get it, Could you say it one more time?

Notes: Example of usage #2

A) Used to emphasize the statement - truly, really, very much: Mainly used with ありがとう and すみません. Note: often どうもありがとう is shortened to just どうも. Another varient is saying どうも twice - どうもどうも

B) Said when the speaker hears something not understood when the speaker wants to understand

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うち is written 内, and that's it. That 中 is listed in EDICT and kanji dictionaries as having the reading うち probably relates to antiquated Japanese writing systems, there's no such usage in regular J-E dictionaries for modern use.

Anyway, in addition to meaning something like 'indoors' or 'in the building', 内 also means 'within our group' for any of family, company, school, or club ... and possibly others. You'll find a lot of in/out terminology for 'in the group' and 'out of the group', it's an important idea in Japanese that is responsible for how politeness levels are chosen.

More practically, you can simply read 内の as meaning 'our' in this kind of usage, 'our child' in this case.

うち means "within" here.There

うち means "within" here.There were two kanjis for this meaning when I searched - 内 and 中.Which one to use here? Also I am unable to understand why うち is used here?

Of course,

the 内 topic above was meant to be a reply to 'うち means "within" here.There'

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