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mata wa
Meaning: or, choice between A or B
JLPT Level: 3

ko-hi mata wa ocha kara oerabi kudasai.
You have a choice of coffee or tea.

Notes: Said by a waiter. the O in oerabi is the polite form of 選びます erabimasu - to choose.

nikki o nihongo, mata wa eigo de kaite kudasai.
diary-(direct object)-Japanese-or-English-with-write
Write your diary in Japanese or English.
A または B

A formal way to say "or"

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Not.... exactly...

お選び is an honorific noun form of a verb.
This sentence is more like 'Please give me your choice between coffee and tea', if you 'your choice' is also a noun phrase and 'please give me' is like 'ください'.

I think it's correct to say that お・ご prefixes (both written with the kanji 御, by the by) are only connected to nouns, but there are many nouns that express action and are essentially verbs when you finish the complete phrase.

Anyway, there's no rules for when to add お or ご, only patterns that are learned by repeating what other people do. (The choice between an honorific prefix of お or ご does tend to match お with kun readings and ご with ON readings, but there are exceptions.)

So the suffix お is used with

So the suffix お is used with both verb and nouns, I thought it is used only with nouns.What are the rules for this,I mean how to decide to which noun or verb お is to be added?

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