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(na) noni
Meaning: although, but
JLPT Level: 3

zenbu yonda noni zenzen wakarimasen.
all-read-although-at all-don't understand.
I read the entire thing, and still don't get it.

inu nanoni nya- to nakimashita.
dog-although-meow-(question marker)-barked
Even though its a dog, it meowed.

You need the な with な adjectives or nouns.

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Word Order in sentences

Okay, I now that in a japanese sentence the subject or the topic goes first, the object goes second and the verb is third, but I'm so confused with the examples. Any help will be appreciated!

how about past tense?

how about the past tense of i adjectives?

past tense

for i adjectives drop the final i and add katta omoshiroi - omoshirokatta / tanoshii - tanoshikatta



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そう思います。 日本語で 「but」に 多い文があります。

what happens with i

what happens with i adjectives?

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Just stick のに after it. This

Just stick のに after it. This example is from A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar.

このステーキは高いのにおいしくない。 kono sute-ki wa takai no ni oishikunai. (In spite of the fact that this steak is expensive, it isn't delicious.)

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