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Japanese Grammar Lessons

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Title Teaser
Introduction to Keigo, Polite Language An Introduction to Keigo, polite language
Japanese Grammatical Terms Grammatical terms in Japanese
Toki, Tara, and To - When to say When When to say When - Using Toki, Tara, and To
Small Words in Japanese Small, useful words in Japanese
Making -ing How to make the -ing form
Particles and Conjunctions More Japanese particles with examples
Verb Forms Verb forms in Japanese
Verb Groups, an Intro A look at the various Verb Groups in Japanese
How to Count How to Count to One Million in Japanese
Can - Dekiru An article on できる - can
-na Adjectives About -na Adjectives in Japanese
-i Adjectives About -i Adjectives in Japanese
Japanese Adjectives Learn about Adjectives in Japanese
Basic Japanese Particles A list of a few basic Japanese particles with examples
Fast Track: 100 Grammar Points

Watered-down, understandable, bite-sized grammar lessons. Perhaps by knowing these basic Japanese grammar points, you will be able to communicate in Japanese limited only by vocabulary and guts! Of course this list is a simplified grammar, and is meant to be only an introduction to the grammar points presented.

Questions and Question Words How to make Questions and a few common Question words
Japanese Word Order

A Smattering of Japanese Grammar

First, Japanese isn't English. As obvious as that sounds, it is important to keep it in mind. It is good to a certain extent to compare the languages to get a better feel for both, but a constant comparision can lead to disappointment and frustration.

English (SVO)

Cats eat mice.

Grammar Power Words from JLPT N4

Grammatical Patterns for the JLPT 3 kyuu Test

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