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犬掻きで泳ぐ dog paddling, swim like a dog

dog paddling, swim like a dog

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

inu kaki de oyogu
dog paddling, swim like a dog

inu dog
掻き kaki scratch, paddle, shovel
泳ぐ oyogu swim

盲導犬 mou dou ken - seeing eye dog [A]
泳ぐ oyogu - to swim [B]
水泳 sui ei - swimming (you can also say suimingu [I]

A bewildered fish returned to his kind with reports of a strange new terror...


ano neko wa neko no kuse ni inu kaki de oyogimasu!

That cat, although a cat, is dog paddling!


あの ano - That (followed by a noun)
neko - cat
猫のくせに neko no kuse ni - kuse ni means although or for a... (he) sure is... This is used often when the speaker sees something he thinks is ridiculous or shouldnt be. kodomo kuse ni tabako o suite imasu. (Although hes a child, he smokes.)
泳ぎます yogimasu - the masu form of 泳ぐ

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