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ほら吹き Blowing a Shell or Tell a Lie

Blowing a Shell or Tell a Lie

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

hora fuki
Blowing a shell (as musical instrument) -or- Tell a lie / exaggerate

ほら hora Shell ; Trumpet Shell
吹き fuki to blow

吹き飛ばす fuki tobasu - to blow off, (literally and metaphorically), brush away [A]
吹き替え fuki kae - dubbing (movies) [I]

Wilber's mind was bubbling with the beginnings of a mighty fine misunderstanding.


shumi desu ka? sore wa ne, hora o fuku koto desu.
My hobby? Well, that's ???


趣味 shumi - hobby A common question at introductions
ですか desu ka - (question marker)
それはね sore wa ne - That is... You will often hear *introductions* such as this to what the speaker is saying. You can imagine this gives the listener a dramatic pause before being belted with something profound
ほらを吹く hora o fuku - blowing a shell -or- lying through his teeth HORA O FUKU basically means the same as HORA FUKI. We changed it to the basic verb form in order to use KOTO (see below)
こと koto - thing You could say [hora fuki desu.], Adding the koto may give it umph, but really there is no difference. To make this form, use the simple form of the verb (FUKU) plus koto

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