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江戸っ子 Born and Raised in Tokyo

(Edos child - born and raised in Tokyo)

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(Edos child - born and raised in Tokyo)

江戸 e do Edo an old name for Tokyo - The Edo period was from 1603-1868
to door
ko child

江戸時代 e do ji dai - Edo Period [I]
椅子 i su - chair [B]
子供 ko domo - children [B]

Edo is the old name for Tokyo. If you can claim 3rd generation born in Tokyo (Edo) you can also claim the name 江戸子


When someone asks you, Where are you from? you can answer in a proud and confident voice. 俺は江戸っ子だ
ore wa edokko da.

Im a born and bred Tokyoite!


ore - I, me Used by males more on I, me click here
da - a casual form of desu to be

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