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辻斬り Samurai who Kills Someone with a Sword on the Street


Samurai who kills someone with a sword on the street

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Samurai who kills someone with a sword on the street

tsuji crossing, street corner
kiru murder, kill

辻褄 tsuji tsuma - consistency, consistent - usually written in hiragana only [A]
斬新 zan shin - novel, novelty [A]


ayashii otoko wa, tsujigiri no geshunin to omowareta ga, katana no kawari ni hana o dashita. hanayasan datta.

The suspicious man was thought to be a street assassin, but instead of a sword he drew out flowers. Turns out he was a florist.


怪しい ayashii - suspicious, suspect, strange This can also be used to express doubt of something a friend has said.
otoko - man, male
下手人 ge shu nin - criminal, murderer
と思われた to omowareta - was thought to be passive voice
katana - (Japanese) sword More on KATANA: Go here
代わりに kawari ni - instead of, in place of
花屋さん hana ya san - florist The san is added for cuteness and to indicate he worked at a florist shop (花屋).
だった datta - was simple past

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