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愛の告白 Confession of Love


Confession of Love

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

ai no koku haku
Confession of Love

ai love
no possessive
koku making public something
haku white

愛猫家 ai byou ka - a cat lover [A]
shiro - white [B]

It isnt easy being green...


gojira wa kiti-chan ni ai no kokuhaku o suru tsumori datta noni, chokore-to o ie ni wasurete kichatta.

Although Godzilla intended to confess his love to Hello Kitty, he forgot the chocolates at home.


ゴジラ gojira - Godzilla
キティちゃん kitichan - Hello Kitty
するつもり suru tsumori - planned to do, intended to do 'tsumori' means 'intend to' or 'planning to'; Use after the plain form of a verb

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I love this

This is awsome I love it

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lovely one though-

but i like the exemplary sentence better :p

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