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宇宙人 alien, space man


alien, space man

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

u chuu jin
alien, space man

宇宙 u chuu space, outer space
jin [also hito or nin] person, people

宇宙 u chuu - outer space. [B]
火星人 ka sei jin - matian, an alien from Mars [I]



watashi wa amerika jin desu kedo, imouto wa uchuu jin na no desu.

I am an American, but my little sister is an alien. [This example comes in quite handy for checking to see if your listener is listening. if your listener shows no reaction, there is a good chance he's not listening.]


watashi - I, me but when the は wa (hirganaga ha) follows, it can only be translated as 'I' because は wa is the main topic never a direct object
アメリカ人 amerika jin - American Just like 宇宙人 uchuu jin simply add a 人 jin to a country to get the countrys people
ですけど desu kedo - but saying this is true, but...
imouto - younger sister older sister is 姉 ane
なのです na no desu - a little bit added to give the impression of conveying truth


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