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太鼓腹 Taiko Belly

Taiko (Japanese drums) Belly

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

tai ko bara
Taiko (Japanese drums) Belly

tai big, thick, become fat
ko courage, drums, beat
hara belly, stomach

太い futoi - fat, thick [B]
太鼓 tai ko - Taiko Japanese drums [B]
太陽 tai you - sun [B]
空腹 kuu fuku - hunger [A]
腹が立つ hara ga tatsu - angry [lit. stomach stands up] [I]

taikobara 太鼓腹

Many years of careful practice...


bobu san no taikobara de no ensou wa amari ni mo sugoi node, wi-n de soro debyu- shimashita.
Bob's performance on his taiko belly was so extraordinary, he made his debut as a soloist in Vienna.


趣味 shumi - hobby A common question at introductions
arrow ボブさん bobu san - (Mr.) Bob When a [Mr.] or [Mrs.] can be omitted in English, it probably cannot be omitted in Japanese. SAN can be used for both male and female.
arrow no - possessive
arrow - at, on, in, by The best way to get a feel for these particles is to read examples where they are used and notice how they are used.
arrow 演奏 en sou - performance
arrow あまりにも amari ni mo - was so... that...
arrow すごい sugoi - great! cool!
arrow ので node - because, therefore Notice the order: the first part gives reason for what comes after NODE
arrow ウィーン wi-n - Vienna Where else would Bob show off his extraordinary talent?
arrow ソロ soro - solo
arrow デビュー debyu- - debut
arrow しました shimashita - past tense

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