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油を売る Sell Oil (slang: goof off when you should be working)


lit: sell oil (slang: goof off when you should be working)

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

abura o uru
lit: sell oil (slang: goof off when you should be working)

abura oil
売る uru to sell

石油 seki yu - oil (black stuff) [I]
油田 yu den - oil field [A]
サラダ油 sarada yu - salad (cooking) oil [I]
売り場 uri ba - market place [B]
売り切れ uri kire - sold out [B]

Bring me another one, Joe...


jo-, hontou ni abura o utte mo, dare mo shinjite kuremasen yo.

Joe, even when I truly sell oil, no one believes me!


ジョー jo- - Joe The cliche bartender
本当に hontou ni - really, truly This is one of those 'if you were lost in Japan with only 100 words' words
誰も dare mo - nobody the MO is often added to show nothing: nanimo = nothing; itsumo = always (never a when);
信じる shinjiru - trust, believe, have faith
信じてくれません shinjite kuremasen - wont believe KUREMASEN actually means wont receive; wont receive belief
yo - emphatic its what you add to emphasis your distress!

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