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安心感 Sense of Security


Sense of Security

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

an shin kan
Sense of Security

an relax, cheap, quiet
shin heart
kan feeling, sense, to feel

不安` fu an - uneasiness [I]
安い yasui - cheap, inexpensive [B]
kokoro - heart [B]
熱心 nesshin - zeal, enthusiastic [I]
直感 chokkan - intuition [A]
感じる kanjiru - to feel, to sense [I]


goutou ni atteru saichuu ni, hawa-do ga arawareta node, mina ni anshinkan ga hirogatta.

In the midst of a robbery, Howards appearance filled the bank with a great sense of security.


強盗 gou tou - robbery
あってる atteru - occured atteru - means to meet but is used to say that a bad experience has occured
最中に sai chuu ni - in the very midst of, during
ハワード hawa-do - Howard
現れた arawareta - appeared
ので node - therefore
mina - everyone
広がった hirogatta - spread widely

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