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万年床 Unmade Bedding


unmade bedding

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

man nen doko
unmade bedding

man 10,000
nen year(s)
doko bed, floor, tatami

百万 hyaku man - 1,000,000 - a million [B]
万歳 ban zai - hurrah! banzai! hooray! [usually said 3 times in a row] [B]
来年 rai nen - next year [B]
半年 han toshi - half a year [I]
病床 byou shou - sick bed [A]
床屋 toko ya - barber shop [A]

Fred keeps an orderly house.


juu nen kan shikippanashi no mannendoko wa, boku no jiman da.

My 10 year long unmade futon is the source of my pride.


10年間 juu nen kan - 10 year long the KAN makes it 10 years long instead of just the tenth year.
敷きっぱなし shikippanashi - left spread out SHIKU means spread out, laid out; PANASHI comes from HANASU and means left loose
no - the possessive This connects SHIKIPPANASHI with MANNENDOKO
僕の boku no - my I with the possessive particle
自慢 ji man - pride
da - the simple form of DESU

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Do they do haircuts in tatami rooms?

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