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冷静 Calm, Cool


calm, cool

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

rei sei
calm, cool

rei cold
sei quiet, still

冷たい tsumetai - cold (to the touch), chilly [B]
冷酷 rei koku - cruel, cold-hearted [A]
冷蔵庫 rei zou ko - refrigerator [I]
静か shizuka - quiet [B]
静電気 sei den ki - static electricity [A]

Detective Wilbert decisively fingers the suspect


kei ji wiruba-to wa reisei ni hannin o yubisashita. hannin wa... anata desu. i,ie... jitsu wa watashi desu. gomen.

Detective Wilbert calmly pointed out the suspect. The criminal is... you. Oops, actually, I mean, ME. Sorry
In Japan, when people want to point to themselves, they point to their noses and not to their hearts.


刑事 kei ji - police detective
ウィルバート wiruba-to - Wilbert foreigner names are always written in katakana
冷静に rei sei ni - calmly adding a ni makes it an adverb: CALM -> CALMLY
犯人 han nin - suspect, criminal, offender, bad guy
指差した yubi sashita - pointed out, point at
あなた anata - you more pronouns
い、いえ・・・ i, ie... - n... no usually it would be いいえ iie - another way of saying no is いや iya, which when said fast sounds like the English Yeah! which is the direct opposite of the intended meaning!
実は jitsu wa - actually, in truth, as a matter of fact
watashi - me, I more pronouns
ごめん gomen - sorry, pardon me