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駆け落ち Elope, Elopement


elope, elopement

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

kake ochi
elope, elopement

駆け kake run, dash, gallop (on a horse)
落ち ochi to fall

駆除 ku jo - exterminate, get rid of (bugs...) [A]
見落とし mi otoshi - oversight, mistake [I]
落ちる ochiru - to fail (a test), to fall down, to drop [B]
落ち ochi - punch line (from a joke) [B]

And now (now, now) I pronounce (pronounce, pronounce)...


itsumo hankou shite iru hawa-do wa otousan ga kyoka o kureta ato kakeochi o shita.

Always the rebel, Howard eloped after receiving his father's permission.


いつも itsumo - always
反抗 han kou - resistance, rebellion
している shiteiru - is ~ing always rebeling
八ワード hawa-do - Howard our hero
お父さん otousan - father
許可をくれた kyoka o kureta - received permission KURERU = (speaker) receives
ato - later, after Past tense verb + ato = after doing...: 食べた後 tabeta ato (after (I) ate) 映画を見た後 eiga o mita ato (after (I) watched a movie)

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