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断っておくけど Let me Hasten to Mention...


let me hasten to mention...

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

kotowatte oku kedo
let me hasten to mention...

断って kotowatte give notice, warn someone [-te form of kotowaru]
おく oku place, put [after the -te form means to do that immediately]
けど kedo but...

横断 ou dan - crossing (a road...) [I]
優柔不断 yuu juu fu dan - indecisiveness, wishy washy [A]
断食 dan jiki - fasting [I]

Superman never had it so good...


I hasten to add, I am not drunk! But I am Superman, though.

kotowatte oku kedo, yopparai dewa arimahen, washi wa su-pa-man da!


酔っ払い yopparai - drunk
では de wa - used to mean as for being in the state of
ありまヘン arimahen - not
ワシ washi - I used by older men
スーパーマン su-pa-man - Superman
da - am casual form of desu

You can also say 'ga' instead of 'kedo': 断っておくが

断って is from 断る which means to give notice or warn. The おく implies doing the action immediately. Therefore 断っておくけど can be translated as "I should add..." or "Let me just say"

KOTOWARU is perhaps most often used to decline as in this example: 結婚を申し込んだが断られた。 kekkon o moushi konda ga kotowarareta. I proposed (marriage) but was turned down.

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