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迷う Perplexed


perplexed, puzzled, lost the way

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

perplexed, puzzled, lost the way

mayo (u) lost, puzzled

迷子 mai go - lost child, be lost [B]
迷惑 mei waku - (causing) trouble, problems [I]
迷惑駐車 迷惑駐車 - be annoying by parking on the road (to buy a drink from a vending machine...) [A]

Time flies... ne!


tabeyou ka dou ka mayotteiru aida ni, daizu ga nattou ni nacchatta.

While befuddled whether he should eat or not, the beans became nattou (went bad).


食べようかどうか tabeyou ka dou ka - to eat or not to eat [~ かどうか to do something or not || 起きようかどうか okiyou ka dou ka - whether to get (wake) up or not || 愛を告白しようかどうか ai o kokuhaku shiyou ka dou ka - whether to confess your love or not
迷っている mayotteiru - puzzling te iru form of 迷う mayou
間に aida ni - while, during that time
大豆 dai zu - soy beans
納豆 nattou - natto fermented soybeans which are said to be quite healthy but stinks like yesterdays socks - NATTOU PAGE
になっちゃった ni nacchatta - unfortunately became ~ from に なる ni naru to become + ~ちゃった ~chatta which means something is completed, but usually shows a bit of remorse over what has occured. It is casual speech and its more formal counterpart is しまった shimatta which acts and means the same

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