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寝言 Talking in one's Sleep


Talking in one's Sleep

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

ne goto
Talking in one's Sleep

ne sleep
koto (goto) speak, say

昼寝 hiru ne - nap, siesta [B]
寝坊 ne bou - oversleep, sleep in late [I]
独り言 hitori goto - monologue, speaking to oneself [A]
方言 hou gen - dialect (of a language) [I]
言語 gen go - language [B]

Confessions from the heart...


hazukashiin dakedo, negoto dewa boku wa nekogo ga perapera nandatte.

Ashamed to say it, but while I sleep I am fluent in catnese.


恥ずかしいん hazukashiin - ashamed, shy the ん at the end gives it a more casual feel. It is a shortened form of ~NO DESU used often after -i adjectives. takain desu (it is expensive).
だけど dakedo - however (conjuction)
では dewa - as for...
boku - I, me This is a casual male form
猫語 neko go - cat language of course, this isn't really a word, but you can make language names by adding 語
ぺらぺら pera pera - fluent One reason Japanese is so much fun is it has so many of these fun onomatopoeia words
なんだって nandatte - (emphatic) Keeping with the casual theme, our hero uses this to wrap up his speech. In formal speech, this would be NA NO DA - TTE (The trailing TTE is like a quotation mark and the first NA is the NA from the NA adjective PERAPERANA)

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