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おまけに To make matters worse...


To make matters worse...

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

omake ni
To make matters worse...

According to my dictionary the kanji would be:

o added before something to make it honorific (here used sarcastically of course!)
make(ru) to lose, defeat, to bear (a burden)

御菓子 o ka shi - candy (also always written in hiragana) [B]
御願いします o negai shimasu - please do this... (I have) a favor to ask [B]
御客様 o kyaku sama - customer [B]
勝負 shou bu - match, game, contest [I]

Wilber awoke to...


しわだ。おまけに、初白髪を発見して しまいました。
shiwa da. omake ni, hatsu shiraga o hakken shite shimaimashita.

A wrinkle. To make matters worse, (he) discovered (his) first silver hair.


しわ shiwa - wrinkle
da - simple past (of desu)
hatsu - the first...
白髪 shiraga - gray / white hair
発見 hakken - discover, discovery
しまいました shimaimashita - past tense of shimau (meaning 'to finish') shimau also is used to show regret at what has occurred (and finished).

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