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世界一 World's best


Worlds best

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

se kai ichi
Worlds best

se world, generation
kai world
ichi one, first

この世 kono yo - this world [I]
世界一周 se kai isshuu - trip around the world [A]
二十一世紀 ni juu issei ki - 21st Century [B]
一月 ichi gatsu - January [B]
一目惚れ hito me bore - love at first sight [I]

A well-known secret: Clark Kent without his glasses is Superman.
A little known secret: Superman without his glasses is blind.


kyou you zuki na su-pa-man wa, machigatte sekaiichi no kuriputonaito hakubutsukan ni haicchatta.

The culturally refined Superman mistakenly entered the worlds biggest Kyrptonite museum.


教養 kyou you - culture, education, refinement
好きな zuki na - to like It is really suki but when certain sounds are combined the first sounds changes to a harder sound s ->z; the -na is used to stick suki with a noun (Superman)
スーパーマン su-pa-man - Superman
間違って machigatte - mistakenly
クリプトナイト kuriputonaito - Kryptonite
博物館 hakubutsukan - museum
入っちゃった haicchatta - entered the -chatta indicates somewhat regret over having done the action

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