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たわごと Talk Nonsense

Talk Nonsense

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

tawa goto
Talk Nonsense

goto word, statement, speak

言葉 koto ba - language, word [B]
うわ言 uwa goto - talk in delirium [A]
言語学 gen go gaku - linguistics [A]

Quite naturally, a scene of Gojira helping a little old (blue-haired) lady across the street.


mezurashiku jibun o mitsume naoshita gojira wa BOKU WA NAKANAKA II HITO DA. TADA GOKAI SARETA DAKE DA. to tawagoto o itta.

In a rare moment of introspection, Godzilla babbled, 'I'm a nice guy - Just misunderstood.'


珍しく mezurashiku - rare, uncommon using the KU form, you can stick mezurashii to a noun (jibun)
自分 ji bun - oneself
見つめ直した mitsume naoshita - look hard at and redo or fix This word combines MITSUMERU which means to look hard at or watch intently and NAOSU which means to mend, repair or redo
ゴジラ gojira - Godzilla
boku - I, me often said by men and boys
なかなか nakanaka - fairly, quite, very added as emphasis; perhaps it could be translated here as ON THE WHOLE, I am a nice guy...
いい人 ii hito - nice guy
ただ tada - just, simply, its just...
誤解された go kai sareta - (I) was ...ed Passive voice showing what happened to himself
だけだ dake da - only, just
to - quotation what follows is a quotation
言った itta - said simple past of IU (to say)

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