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位置について、用意、ドン! Get ready, set, go!

Get ready, set, go!

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

B = Beginner | I = Intermediate | A = Advanced

ichi ni tsuite, youi, don!
Get ready, set, go!

位置 ichi place, placement, your mark
用意 youi ready, prepare
ドン don the sound of a gun fire

一位 ichi i - first place [I]
意見 iken - opinion [B]
専用 sen you - exclusive use [B]
意味 imi - meaning [B]
注意 chuui - warning [B]
用心棒 you jin bou - a body guard [I]


ichi ni tsuite, youi, DONGURI!

On your marks, get set, ACORN!


どんぐり donguri - acorn Instead of ドン! we replace it with どんぐり which means an (oak) acorn. Has the same sound starting out.

Once I was the announcer for a race between Japanese students and some English teachers. As the runners lined up I shouted, "ichi ni tsuite..." and everyone got in position. Then I shouted, "youi..." and everyone prepared to begin the race. But when I yelled, "DONGURI" the foreigners all took off with precision and speed, but the Japanese took one step and then fell to the ground laughing! I still feel a little guilty for that. Sorry guys.

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