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ポンコツ Piece of Junk

junk, junky, piece of junk

The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

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junk, junky, piece of junk

ポンコツ pon kotsu junky; Used to described old cars and machines that are in less than perfect condition.

There are no kanji - [B]



boku no kuruma wa nandakke? porushe ka, ranborugi-ni ka? aa, souka, ponkotsu datta!

My car, what was it now? Porsche? Lamborghini? Ah, I remember, it's a... piece of junk!


ポンコツ ponkotsu - junky This word may have come from the word for the large hammer blacksmiths use to pound metel. If you know something else, please use the comment button below and let us know.
ぼく boku - I BOKU is used mainly by boys and men; Adding a の NO after BOKU makes it mean [my]
kuruma - car
何だっけ nandakke - What was that? the KE at the end is often used to impress on the listener that the answer is on the tip of your tongue.
ポルシェ porushe - Porsche
ka - or used with lists of this or that...
ランボルギーニ ranborugi-ni - Lamborghini
あっ、そうか a, souka - Oh yeah [I remember]! the small っ TSU shows a sudden stop as if surprised.
だった! datta - was Although the car is still a piece of junk, since the person finally remembers what he was thinking of, he uses a past tense.

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Where is the audio on these Lessons!?

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Very few of the How to Wow

Very few of the How to Wow articles have sound. I may add them later, though.

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