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逆襲 Counter-attack



The word:

Closer look at the kanji:

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gyaku shuu

gyaku reverse, opposite
shuu attack, pounce on

襲来 shuu rai - an invasion; an attack; a raid [A]
逆転 gyaku ten - a reversal; turnaround [I]

A distressed Henry began the rally despite the low turnout.


henri- wa, ongaku no gyou kai neage e no gyakushuu toshite, kono chikai o tateta. watashi wa korekara zettai eito torakku no te-pu o kaimasen.

As a counterattack on the music industry's recent price hike, Henry vowed to not buy new 8 tracks.


ヘンリー henri- - Henry
音楽 ongaku - music
業界 gyou kai - industry, the trade, world of
値上げ ne age - raise in price
he - to In this case meaning regarding the price raise
として toshite - as, through, in response to this This can be translated by different words depending context
この kono - this placed before what it modifies
誓い chikai - promise, vow
たてた tateta - made, established 誓い uses 立つ (to stand, establish) to mean make a vow
これから kore kara - from now on これ this + から from
絶対 zettai - absolutely, positively
8トラックのテープ eito torakku no te-pu - 8-track tape

We start off with ヘンリーは、since Henry is the main figure of the action. But since Japanese is flexible with word order, he could just as easily be put before kono chikai.

Other 業界 examples:
ファッションの業界 fasshon no gyou kai - fashion world (industry)
建築業界 ken chiku gyou kai - the building trade
ゲーム業界 ge-mu gyoukai - the Gaming world

Other をたてた examples:
計画を立てる kei kaku o tateru - to make a plan
目標を立てる moku hyou o tateru - to make a goal