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刀 Japanese Sword

Japanese sword

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Japanese sword

katana sword

剃刀 kami sori - razor [I]
竹刀 shi nai - bamboo sword [A]
太刀打ち tachi uchi - to cross swords, to compete [A]

In this historic duel between the last of the hashi-clan and the katana clan,The sword was proven to be indeed, mighter than the chopsticks


kurei no kotowaza: tashikani katana wa hashi ni masaru.

Clay's proverb: Most assuredly, the sword is mightier than the chopsticks.


クレイの諺 kurei no kotowaza - Clay's (that's me) proverb
確かに tashika ni - surely
はし hashi - chopsticks
勝る masaru - to be better than..., superior to...
刀ははしに勝る katana wa hashi ni masaru - ~(the thing superior) wa ~(the thing inferior) ni masaru.
NOTE: - Instead of using MASARU, a more common way of saying basically the same thing (less proverbial) using ~yori:
刀ははしより強い。 katana wa hashi yori tsuyoi. - The sword / chopsticks less than / strong The sword is stronger than chopsticks.
- Not to confuse you, but we can switch the 2 around to say -
はしは刀より弱い。 hashi wa katana yori yowai - The chopsticks / sword less than / weak Chopsticks are weaker than the sword.
Got it? It seems confusing at first and at second, but at third... HO HO! -

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